The Prodigal Gospel...

well, I'd like to believe that you'll always be near me

that we'll meet again in that 'sweet bye and bye'

how I'd love to believe that you could still hear me

when I raise my voice to the sky...

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...a quote...

..." Dennis is one of the most clever, articulate songwriters, ever....eloquence personified..."

...Gary Peeples... guitarist of Jackson Delta and Al Black's 'Steady Band' had this to say about my work in a Facebook post somewhere back on down the line...…

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scene his shadow...

..well... it has bee a long time since I've been able to 'log in' to this 'blog'; especially on my lap-top, as opposed to my iPad... I had hoped to get off to a fresh start yesterday (being 'groundhog day'…

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... some scenes...

some scenes obscene won’t be unseen

our histories haunt us all in kind

memory, not a slate to be wiped clean

we are all captives of the mind

love can ennoble or demean

too often…

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In My Wildest Dreams

...waking from more curious dreams than usual; I am inclined to share a recent lyric...


in my wildest dreams... there are tamer scenes

where we stop and catch our breath ...reflect upon the gift

see time for what it is;…

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Just Another Rainy Sunshiny Day (the lyric)...

...of course, the 'blog' presents items in order of appearance, and the 'reflection' on this lyric will be below this page... apparently there is no way to mess around with the format, so...


my brother tasked me to write him…

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Ould Soul

old soul...   you are  traveler

old soul...   odyssey unraveling

old soul...   trying to find a way home


heartbeat... like an ancient drum

complete... vision soon will come

defeat...      something you've never known


you see the universe in a…

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TheGift of the Moon and Stars

I can only give you the moon and stars

they're yours for the asking... there for the taking

we can catch fireflies in jars

we'll be basking in the light they're making

let this summer's night roll slowly

your love…

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True Love's Time has Come

men are born to be bound by duty

bred to be slaves to beauty

bled by social pressure from the cradle to the grave

I've worn my heart on my sleeve, and it's led me to believe

that true and…

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The Sky's the Limit

you want me to need you and I need you to want me

your past has freed you; mine keeps coming back to haunt me

you know much more about me, than I'll ever know about you

(darlin', what can…

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Meadowlark Grove

he walks in a shady grove...

lay him down 'neath a summer sky

watching dragons and castles move...

changing shape right before his eyes

he sees them fly...


seems so log since he was a child...

everything seemed s…

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