Honky Tonk Heart

each night you cake the make-up on, stare into your bedroom mirror

slip into your high heels, and feather out your hair

you head on down to the local lounge; and you're always tere by nine

to get a seat close to the stage, where you stay 'til closing time.,,


you'll be making eyes at the guitar man; you're not ashamed to be caught staring

he's like to do the same himself, with those  skin tight clothes you're wearing

he\s lonely and bored, out on the road; he slips you an offstage wink

as soon as the band takes their first break, he'll ask to join you fr a drink


and your honky yonk heart keeps bouncing back, time and time again

where a wiser woman might wait a while, you just wade right in...

t's another man, anther country band, one more week long romance

you'll think he's singing just for you...while he's watching all the women dance


you've had your share of shallow affairs; a long string of one night stands\

it's been five years of the night life, since you took the ring off your left hand

ypu'll only half believe the lines, you've heard so many men before

still you look for better times ...behind those swingin' doors...


(and your honky tonk heart keeps bouncing back, time and time again...)


he's been working that backwoods circuit, waiting on that one big break...

wishing there ws some sure fire short cut, to frget a man's mistakes

it's the whisky talkin' when he whispers words of love into your ear

but you're well used to second best; it's all you need to hear...



(and your honky tonk heart keeps bouncing back...(...


     ...well... this song was my 'take' on the scene that I spent many nights (and afternoons)n playing the taverns and beer parlours where I learned hat little it is I know about \the music business'...  my time spent learning and pursuing  the 'honky tonk life' mst successfully (and that is a very relative term) wit my country dance band 'Bandanna!'... it could be seen as  rather chauvinistic (and I'm sure it would be by some)' t seemed a reasonably accurate amalgam of many people (both audience  and band members) that I encounteredi in my travels. I've heard women describe touring  bands as \easy pickins' in that a week or two was as long as they would be in town. It was all a little over (or under) whelming for a folkie cowboy such as myself; with a few notable exceptions; and some precious few regrets. Leonard Cohen's line from 'Night in Santiago' comes to mind..."Although I've forgotten half my life; I still remember this...' I  do remember a couple of the gals that sparked  this lyric. I forgot the  middle verse to this song this morning; but then I don't think I'd sung it this century.




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