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  dennis O'Toole has been writing and performing original songs for decades in various genres and formats while staying active in solo, duo and band work in nightclub and concert venues. Having come up through the rough and tumble world of 'honky-tonk' music, his first recording (supported by a F.A.C.T.O.R. grant) was in 1987 with his C&W dance band 'Bandanna!". 

      Four 'Independent' collections of original material later, O'Toole's music has wound through 'folk-rock' to settle into the 'singer/songwriter 'Canadianna' ( it's 'roots'. but not 'Americanna;, by any means) genre that he describes as ' songs I wrote or wish I had'. The 'wish I had' component includes material from such northern luminaries as David Wiffen, Ian Tamblyn, Willie P. Bennett, Ron Hynes, Cris Cuddy, Michael Behnan and Buzz 'Mr. Soul' Thompson. Whether playing with his talented cousin Michael P. O'Toole on acoustic lead guitar or solo, dennis O'Toole delivers heartfelt, compelling and relevant lyric in powerful performance. 

His latest release 'Lone Gunman at the Assassin's Hotel' attests to the success of said undertaking.