Hurry Sundown

hurry sundown... put this day to rest

I'm feeling run down... not up to my best

this day is nt my own, and I'd sooner be at home

hurry sundown... I'll fly back to the nest.


hurry sundown, come…


World of Wonder

..." We are each of us angels... with only one wing...

      we can only fly... embracing each other..."   -Luciano de Credenza.

...this inscription graven in stone beneath a statue at the entrance to St. Joseph's Hospital in Toronto... where I…


Of Human Bondage

it's an act of human bondage... this welding of the hearts

the whole is greater than the sum of... the wedding of the parts

it's a fact of human bondage... the flesh will not be denied

an act of human…


Little Wing

they'll talk about a 'reputation'... what do they know?

they whisper in the shadows of their fears...

they'll envy you a situation; deal you a bitter blow

but gossip only interests idle ears...

don't you worry about a thing... listen…


Nero;s Ground Zero Blues

you're walking on a tightrope...cherishing a slim hope

hanging on by a thread

slipping on to thin ice,  ain't got time to think twice

tomorrow you might be dead


when there's a red sun rising up above ground zero


Talking in Tongues

there's angels talking in tongues... speaking in my dreams;

and I'm watching this world come apart at the seams...

there's weapons in the hands of children

they are pawns in the game of evil men...

cross-hairs bearing down on women...


Devil's Door

south of San Salvador... there stands the 'Devi's Door'

twin lava peaks stand in silent silhouette against the sky

and those who by night 'disappear'... like as not, will end up here

and though no one speaks, they can't forget…


Thoughts... DLB

...(the full title of this song is: "Thoughts on the Alchemy of Time and Memory... for David Louis Borne... inspired by the reading of the 23rd Psalm at his graveside; and a blue heron in flight..."

we laid him down…


Perpetual Emotion

you're caught up in the rhythm of perpetual emotion

love circles like the moon and stars in the sky

waxing and waning, healing and paining;

leaving you in awe or wondering why...


troubled by the concepts of loyalty and…


P4W (Prison fo Women)

tears tattooed on her once pretty face... a broken heart worn on her sleeve

she's a prisoner of her sex and race... she sees no reason to believe

that she will ever leave this place; or that things will ever…



came home from 'his' war...

with one leg, and that guitar...

a few sad songs he'd sing in Spanish;

and not a whole lot more...

he never turned his back on his country; 

not even when his country turned it's…


Seven Smooth Stones

David strode out to meet Goliath... he took seven smooth stones

he put that giant's ass in a sling; and he did it on his own

he did not go empty handed, t pick that particular bone

(you've got to…