True Love's Time has Come

men are born to be bound by duty

bred to be slaves to beauty

bled by social pressure from the cradle to the grave

I've worn my heart on my sleeve, and it's led me to believe

that true and lasting impressions are the only ones I'll crave


love would do well to be blind; but not so, deaf and dumb

there's a song in my mind... singin' 'true love's time has come'

true love's time has come


I believe they broke the mold, when they cast your heart of gold

you are a boon companion to this lonesome old fool

call it proscribed romance; be it luck or circumstance;

sometime it seems so brand new

times it's for sure 'old school'.


... love would do well to be blind...(repeat chorus)...


I'm serving you fair warning; I'll be loving you each morning

I'll be bugging you for hugging every hour of the day

I'll be scribblin' you new songs, trying to right all my wrongs;

I believe we belong, in a betrothed way! would do well to be blind... (repeat chorus and fade...)...

    ... well ...  this is a country 'romp' of one sort or another... never been recorded, and not near the top of the list; but it came to mind, and I thought I'd put it down while it was still in my head. An older tune, for sure; from the Bandanna! days, no doubt. Having had some small success as a recording outfit; the lure of the 'radio rodeo' was strong. Our friends in Prairie Oyster were making a splash in Canada, and even south of the border; it seemed as though there might be some sort of future as a singing cowboy after all; even just on a local level. There had been a well established C&W scene in Peterborough, with places to play (sometimes six nights and a matinee ...honky-tonkin' night and day...); but mostly weekend work; and that was beginning to dry up. I consider myself fortunate to have been able to 'cut my teeth' in the fading 'glory' of a flourishing bar scene; but of course a 'bar scene' is just that. When came a time to 'get on the bus' and go out on the road with a real touring act; I chose to go back to school and get some 'working papers' in social services. It was time to start considering 'family' as opposed to a full time career in music; and even with all the changes in my 'family' status over the years; I'm glad I made that choice. 'The Brave Work' took it's toll on me; but it was good work; and effort spent in the service of others helped me keep my head more or less together; at least more so than it might have fared in the blind pursuit of 'fame and fortune'. love to all, d.