scene his shadow...

..well... it has bee a long time since I've been able to 'log in' to this 'blog'; especially on my lap-top, as opposed to my iPad... I had hoped to get off to a fresh start yesterday (being 'groundhog day' and all), and was not able to gain access, (yet again) from my iPad, either.

     I was beginning to despair of this whole routine (and my account with Bandzoogle), but it would seem that my 'tech pal' and photography friend Jackie Wimbush has been able to sort it out. So, (a day late and a dollar short) I am given opportunity to consider an actual 'blog' as opposed to just cataloguing lyric and recordings for 'posterity'. A time for new beginnings, perhaps? 

   I was following my good friend Phil Connor's 'blog' that he was keeping from his little hide-a-way down Mexico way, and as impressed as I was with his candor in recounting his formative years, I know I will not be able to quite so forthright in my own attempt to chronicle 'my life in art', or at least less revealing as to my personal history. "What a long, strange trip it's been..." to quote the 'Dead'; never one of my favourite groups growing up, but a musical entity that I have come to appreciate more with the passing of time (and SO many of the musicians of m-m-m-my g-g-g-g-eneration...).

    So, having posted many of my more 'relevant' lyrics, and given the sequential nature of a 'blog'. I don't want to delve to deeply into early attempts at lyric; thinking that the first songs just don't stand up to the ones that came later, with a little experience and maturity that this half-century (and more)  with a guitar in my hands and a song in my heart has hopefully brought me. 

    I have recently had cataract surgery on both eyes, and am enjoying my new lease on vision immensely. Not being able to read for pleasure ( let alone see a keyboard or screen clearly) has been at trial, to say the least. Driving was getting to be a serious challenge as well, and though my surgeon did not pull my ability to do so, I was much reduced in scope and circumstance, navigating a very short circuit (my sister's house, the grocery store, the 'SLAB'; all within a few blocks of ne another) with extreme vigilance, and never at night. I guess in \the good old days' one just went blind. 

    The 'SLAB"... well... that has been a truly remarkable opportunity, and one of the only real 'positives' to come out of the whole pandemic problem. I'll catalogue some photographs of tis wonderful little spot at some point for posterity, but  suffice it to say that the 'SLAB' is a lovely little 'garage' that has never seen an automobile; but has hosted many a fine small 'house concert' (cousin Michael P. O'Toole and I 'released' the most recent recording there in March of 2019; \Lone Gunman at the Assassin's Hotel). and Phil and Yvonne Connor (in whose backyard 'the SLAB' exists) were so kind as to leave me a key when they went to Mexico last season. Before their return, we were in the grip of the global pandemic, and my 'residency' has been extended into this winter, as well. A remarkable opportunity, and though I'm not a 'high achiever' or driven to rite or record at a fevered pace; ot has been a wonderful chance to spend countless 'indolent hours' with my (large) family of guitars. and a few new songs have inevitably transpired.

   Cousin Michael P. and I continue t get together weekly of a Wednesday afternoon (and hopefully will do so again today), keeping our distance and making music  that hopefully we ill get to share with a 'live' audience at some point, but who knows when or where that will be. I'm not overly inclined to present myself 'online'; but will add a couple of video clips that we did for submission to the 'Blue Valentine' memorial effort this year; which will be a 'virtual' get together in honour of the late Willie P. Bennett; gone thirteen years this month. Well, that's it for this installment; 'for hat it's worth'. love to all, d.