Hurry Sundown

hurry sundown... put this day to rest

I'm feeling run down... not up to my best

this day is nt my own, and I'd sooner be at home

hurry sundown... I'll fly back to the nest.


hurry sundown, come on twilight...

let the first star herald the kind night

hurry sundown... come on moon rise 

let me lay down... and close these tired eyes.


hurry sundown... I need my lover's tuch

night can't come too soon

this day has been too much

and I'm feeling too rough

for naught but making love...

hurry sundown... bring me what I'm dreaming of.

    ... well ... I almost recall the day this little lyric was penned... (though it could have been any of many)... I spent far too many days in the sad homes of other people; back when it was my lot to do so, in order that folks might spend time with their children... 'supervised access'... an uncomfortable situation at best; and often far from 'best'. I would often introduce myself as 'friend of the family' (when other folks would wonder who the heck I was)... and that was who and what I tried to be...friend to the children, certainly. Some of the most heartfelt (and hard) condolences to accept after the passing of my son came from 'clients'. They knew all too well the pain of having a child 'taken'... though of course not in so final a manner. love to all, d.


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