...a quote...

..." Dennis is one of the most clever, articulate songwriters, ever....eloquence personified..."

...Gary Peeples... guitarist of Jackson Delta and Al Black's 'Steady Band' had this to say about my work in a Facebook post somewhere back on down the line... and when asked if I could use his quote for my own awkward attempts at self promotion; graciously agreed. 

   "You are always welcome to whatever humble service or quote that comes from me", he replied. I had mentioned that " ...in these uncertain times, the respect of one's peers is more than sufficient reason to carry on.." (May 12th, 2020). And haven't "these times" just become more and more uncertain? 

    I launched 'Lone Gunman at the Assassin's Hotel' in an intimate setting at the SLAB in March 2019, and have since given away hundreds of copies, as well as included it in t's entirety for free download (along with 'The Brave Work' and the initial eponymous effort) in this site, in hopes of getting the tunes 'out there' to any who appreciate the song as te prime 'art form' of our generation. Not necessarily a 'sound' business plan, but music had never been about 'business' for me, and is even less so, now that 'the music business' seems to be in transition and/or disarray. There are so many musicians out there trying to scrape by, I just can't be bothered wit the 'nickel and dime' aspects of streaming services, and to be honest, the whole 'online' aspect just leaves me cold.

    I hope folks support those most in need, but for my part, the songs are free. Help yourself to what you will, and try to support those that need it most. love to all, d.