Perpetual Emotion

you're caught up in the rhythm of perpetual emotion

love circles like the moon and stars in the sky

waxing and waning, healing and paining;

leaving you in awe or wondering why...


troubled by the concepts of loyalty and devotion

circumstance conspires to drag you down

weighing what you're gaining, against what's remaining

counting the thorns and stars in your crown


trying to spin logic from a web of indecision

bleeding for the magic, getting scarred from the incision

relying on your senses;

always letting your defences down.


there's no easy answers to the questions that you're asking

love's a limbo dancer, a harlequin for the unmasking

a puzzle to be pondered you wander

through this world alone.


no, there's no easy answers to the doubts that will plague you

love can be as cancer... your own pride will gag you

a lump you try to swallow; it will leave you feeling hollow and cold

hollow and cold...


still, you're caught up in the rhythm of perpetual emotion...

love circles like the moon and stars in the sky.


      ...well... this tune closes out the 'Lone Gunman at the Assassin's Hotel' recording, but it is not a 'new' song, by any means... and yet... like so many songs, it holds true for times as they change, relationships as they shift and shuffle... try as we may to make of love what we will, it seems as though we are always caught up in the tidal ebb and flow of it all. 

"If the moon can shift an ocean;

surely it can move the human heart..."          love to all, d....




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